New Moves for Pearson in Digital Transition

2017-02-07 09:54:25

Oct. 7th, news from overseas media announced that Pearson Education Ltd. had purchased the electronic examination development from Learndirect. Before this Pearson had sold out the two big media presses The Economist and Financial Times and determined to concentrate on the education business.

   The overseas media commented that the purchase of Learndirect is the significant signal of transition for Pearson to turn into a edcuation group with the core of educational and training business. Since 2011 Learndirect has been possessed by the private-raising funds LDC Group focusing on the verification and training of mathematics, IT, English and related exams. This purchase means that Pearson will keep the authority of Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).


    The CEO of Pearson John Fallon has been insisting on paying more attention ot the output and effect of digital products since his assumption. 10 years ago Pearson had two thirds of its business focusing on printing service and now the place has been taken by the digital business. We can suppose from this purchase that Pearson is still transiting itself.