10 Viewpoints on SMART Learning You Should Know

2017-02-07 09:55:17


For effectively supporting people’s life-long study and profession development as well as realizing self-value, Smart Learning is a kind of learning system that can fully sense the environment and identify learner’s characteristics through networking, big data system and artificial intelligence technologies, providing learners with proper learning materials and convenient interaction tools, and recording the process and test results automatically.  In September, 2015, Smart Learning Research of Beijing Normal University published White Paper: China Smart Learning Environment 2015 exploring and discussing the relation between Smart Learning and learning environment, digit campus, classroom environment, enterprise college, as well as industry growth and structure of Smart Learning. Following are 10 main viewpoints in the white paper:

 1.Learning in the information age is based on SMART Learning Environment which meets the needs of learning at “any time, any where, any way and any pace” for effective, engaged and easy learning.

 In SMART Learning Environment, people can learn at Any time and Any where in Any way and Any Pace (4A). This environment could make the learning Easy, Engaged and Effective (3E).


 An entire SMART Learning system with the learner at its the core have four levels from inside to outside, learner experience, digital learning technology support, learning circumstance elements, and logical relation between teaching and learning which follow four basic principles which are matching learning resources, proper teaching logic, plenty learning experience and timely feedback. The digital learning technology support has four types: 1) the technology of environment, circumstance perception and adaption for learning’s time and space; 2) the technology of evaluation and support for teaching activity; 3) the technology of tracing and analyzing dynamic situation of learning activity; 4) the technology of knowledge structure and reconstruction of learning content.


2. SMART learning environment is one of the important foundations of the citizen livable experience which along with the city innovation energy are the “two engines” of SMART city’s construction and development.


3. Along with the SMART city’s development and increasing education supply in society, home study, community study and enterprise study are acquiring an increasingly greater immediate significance, which three types study and the school study become the important part of people’s life-long study.


4.SMART Campus as the senior form of digital campus will provide the students in school as known as the “digital aborigines ” with SMART learning environment. SMART Campus’ construction should be the important part of SMART City’s construction to make up the gap between informative school and informative city.

  5. National series education informative projects are continuously advancing, which has already provided the most students with the digital learning’s technology environment. “Cloud + Clinet” will become the mainstream form of SMART Campus, while support and service as well as information security are the bottleneck in the school education informative construction.

  6. To meet the nature needs of the new study style from ‘digital aborigines ‘, schools are optimizing classroom environment and providing plenty digital resources to enhance the SMART Learning experiences. New study space will expend the physical space of classroom and break the boundaries of classroom. Students’ differences management and learning activities design will be the focus in future classroom.


7. Interactive electronic whiteboard and tablet PC are going into classroom. Some research shows that comparing with multimedia classroom and interactive whiteboard, tablet PC and computer classroom have better study experiences. The design and optimization of classroom will become the important area for education equipment, informative and education stduy departments to look into.
  8. Implanting SMART Learning in enterprise colleges and human resources welfare system is the foundation of modern enterprise construction and city innovation energy improvement, and will boost China turn into a powerful manufacturing country from a big one.

  9. SMART Learning industry are being proved by mobile internet technology, smart robot technology and ‘internet +’ strategy and will provide the product, technologies and services to school study, family study, community study and enterprise study.

  10. As the core part of SMART City, SMART Learning is the powerful support of citizen’s life-long study as well as the key trait of the ‘self-evolution’ of city system. Developing SMART Learning is the SMART quality of a city, enhancing the livable experience and innovation energy.