Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang and the Delegation Pay a Visit to NetDragon’s Base in Changele

2017-02-07 11:09:07

Recently (on July 22nd), the Financial Secretary of HKSAR John Tsang led the delegation arriving at Net Dragon’s Base – Haixi Animation and Innovation Park in Changele, accompanied with Lin Xuefeng, the vice director of Fujian HKMAO and Ma Yaming, the vice director of Fuzhou Foreign Affairs Office. The both sides from mainland and Hong Kong held a heated investigation symposium. NetDragon’s CEO Liu Luyuan, the business development manager of Hong Kong branch Huang Zhi’an as well as four interns from Hong Kong provided the entire journey accompaniment.


Around 2p.m., Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang and the delegation arrived at the base in Changele and then the two sides held a heated symposium. At the meeting, the CEO Liu Luyuan introduced the company’s development process and the overall business situation to the delegation. And he laid stress on the visit of Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong's chief executive at the beginning of 2014. At that time, the two sides were committed to promote the cooperation between NetDragon and various industries in Hong Kong and made many achievements, especially the two significant cooperative projects last year, one was a strategic merger of Cherrypicks, and the other was the alliance with Hong Kong Cyberport, which all promoted the industrial development for mainland and Hong Kong. Liu Luyuan also stressed that he would continue to expand the business of NetDragon in Hong Kong and hoped that Hong Kong could become another headquarter of NetDragon’s global strategy plan. Soon afterwards, the delegation watched the demonstration of 101 wisdom class. Moreover, Financial Secretary John Tsang friendly exchanges the views with the four interns from Hong Kong.

The Financial Secretary John Tsang highly affirmed the performance and achievement in Hong Kong, he said that Hong Kong Government attached great importance to the investment and entrepreneurship of NetDragon in Hong Kong and the Government would be engaging in continuously providing superior development condition. By this symposium John Tsang hoped to learn more about the cooperation between NetDragon and Hong Kong, thus seeking larger scale and deeper cooperation.




When the symposium ended, John Tsang and the delegation were excited to visit the supporting facilities and the environment at NetDragon’s Base in Changle. And the delegation were excited to see the working and living environment of NetDragon’s staff.


Note: The Resume of John Tsang
Tsang was a secondary school student at La Salle College in Hong Kong and Stuyvesant High School in New York City. When he finished his secondary school study, he studied architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, holding a master's degree in bilingual education from Boston State College and a MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Before Mr. Tsang joined Hong Kong Government in November 1982, he was working with Boston Public School. As a member of administrative grade, Mr. Tsang had taken different positions in the Government. After he returned to Hong Kong, he served as the director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York, the customs director, the secretary for Planning and Lands as well as the permanent secretary of Housing, Planning and Lands Bureau (Planning and Lands).

From August 2003 Tsang was Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology. And in his role he was also Chair of the Sixth Ministerial Conference (MC6) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held in Hong Kong in December 2005. When the Conference successfully ended, Mr. Tsang became the director of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong's Office in January 2006 and became the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong from July 1st, 2007 till now.
(Source: Official Hong Kong Government Website)