Wisdom Makes Future Education Better, Elernity Relaxes Teacher and Makes Study Funny

2017-02-07 11:11:23


What if robots become the teachers in class? In the morning a assistant robot takes the place of teacher leading the morning reading according to current study process and cruising in the class to answer questions, teachers will not bothered by the exhaustion and students will be more active to ask. The inserted application “Class by Master” enables students to make video call with foreign teacher via the pad at the top of the robot. Students can activate remote interaction of teaching to learn the original pronunciation.

   This was what happened on May 23rd at the Qingdao Exhibition on ICT Application in Education. And this future scenario was displayed by Elernity’s self-invented “Wise Assistant” robot and made the morning reading class the highlight of this event.


   At the interaction part Mr. Nianjian Liang, the vice chairman of NetDragon Websoft Inc and CEO of Elernity Educational Technology Co., Ltd., said “With the continuous development of Internet Technology, the core of informatized education is changing. It is our concerns how to utilize modern technologies to help teachers in teaching and how to create and attract students’ interests in study. The Wisdom Class aims at helping education to make the transformation to solve the three big problems: Innovative Teaching, Interactive Study and Parental Participant. I believe that in the coming 5-10 years Wisdom Class will be the main form in primary and high school education.”


   The “Wisdom Class” of Elernity Educational Technology Co., Ltd. making appearance this time consists of hardware such as 101 learning pad, the interactive blackboard, the intelligent cloud box, the answer machine, the application “Class by Master” and software like the open platform, classroom interaction system, the teaching resources for primary and secondary schools as well as many other applications and resources. It greatly reduces the difficulty of lesson preparing for teachers by its humanized courseware making, the intelligent class hour management, and its sharing platform with abundant excellent courseware resources; the effective interaction between teachers & students in class and targeted homework dramatically increase teachers’ work efficiency and teaching ability, which helps teachers getting rid of the title of “Knowledge Porter” and finding the nature of education of “teaching and problem solving” and “teaching is learning”. Students can find happiness and balance study & entertainment through game-like, entertaining and intelligent learning. On the other side, parents can get the picture of the whole learning process and involve in it via Education cloud and mobile terminal, thus relieve feelings of anxiety for students’ learning status.

    “Teachers can see the performances of each student in real time in the class, accurately interacting with student one-on-one. After class, the courseware sharing can save a lot of time from lesson preparing for teachers to study teaching method and student psychology. The 101 learning pad specially designed for students meets the requirement in interestingness and entertainment in system design, while it has different features from the common games, so that it helps students find happiness, enhances the independent learning, improve the learning quality and save more peace of mind for teachers and parents.” Introduced Wang Guoguang, the principal of Fuzhou Experimental Primary School, where the pilot project “Wisdom Class” is executed.

    “Internet + Education” will lead to a massive change for education”, said Nianjian Liang, the CEO of Elernity Educational Technology Co., Ltd., “Educational informationization has not restricted to the technology. With the support of national policy, the “Wisdom Class” will help teachers, guide students’ to learn independently and then promote the overall quality of Chinese education with brand-new teaching philosophy and integrated & comprehensive educational resources.”