Elernity Assisting Chinese Education Balance, Taking Enterprise Social Responsibility

2017-02-07 11:03:04


National Education Reform and Development of Long-term Planning Outline regards education equity as the basic education policy and balanced development as a strategic task for the compulsory education for China. Since the contradiction of education imbalance between areas, schools and urban and rural has become more and more prominent, promoting the balanced development of area education is an important task in the future. Recently, HuaYu has established a cooperation mode about education resource sharing, mutual aid in teaching and common growth for the informatized highway from Fuzhou and Quanzhou to Tianjin. This measure is not only an effective experiment for promoting the balance development of China, but also a great exploration for HuaYu to perform its corporate social responsibility.


Informationization Needed for the Balance in Educational Development

Developing education in all direction is the instructional demand of Compulsory Education Law, and it is the core for fair education and the important utilization of the Scientific Concept of Development. At the same time, it conveys the realistic significance and profound historic importance in education.
The informationization of education will stimulate the development of balanced education. In the trend of Internet Plus, it is the utmost problem to deal with how to collocate education with facilities harmoniously to provide the high-quality educational resources for children in undeveloped areas. This problem will be the priority to tackle in the future development of informatized education.

For accomplishing this great goal, HuaYu Education of Net Dragon together with Beijing Normal University establish the Institute of Wisdom in Study to concentrate on optimizing the best educational resources and organizing the most advanced technological team. The institute will develop its advantages to upgrade the research on teaching, product development and utilization, at the same time the two parties will collaborate to balance the research, development and utilization to accelerate the melting of information technology and education and promote the informatized construction in education of our country further.




Utilizing Internet to Ensure Balanced Service and Education

HuaYu having been invited to build wisdom educational experiment zone this time is because of its successful experience during the past few years in the fundamental education. As the only one company in China that is fully engaged in the Internet education, HuaYu will provide experience and demonstration through the regional educational reform for the education cooperation in the rest of China, thus making some contribution to the balanced development of Chinese education.

Adopting the advanced technology and educational concept, HuaYu opens a new teaching and learning mode for teachers and students by utilizing mobile Internet, game, big data and many other technical resources. Taking advantage of the Internet, the education ecological system built by HuaYu can realize the cross-regional communication and cooperation.



Relying on the “wisdom class” created by HuaYu, students can feel the changes of teaching mode as well as learning process that are taken by the Internet, having fun in the game-like learning. Thereby, the “wisdom class” narrows the distance between the educational under-developed regions and the educational developed regions, broadening students’ horizons. Teachers from different regions will be free from the limit of time and space, forming the best teaching design and teaching plan by the real situation in the brand-new lesson-preparing system that are suitable for their own school or class, and finding more methods in the abundant teaching materials to improve the learning effect and learning efficiency for the local students and to design the best learning method for students who have different cognitive levels, starting points or characters.

The imbalance of education not only reflects in hardware, but also reflects in software. HuaYu uses education informatization products to realize the high quality resource sharing, so that to narrow the software gap of different regions, town and country, and different schools effectively. Professor HuangRonghuai, the president of Wisdom Study Institute of Beijing Normal University introduces, “the co-construction of education among different regions realizes the goals of wisdom education servicing teaching and teachers, improves the study effects, and breaks through the limitation of regions.” He thinks using internet technology to start the evolution of teaching mode, improve the high and balanced development of education, will be an important road for the balanced development of our country’s education.




Help Educational Balance to Achieve Educational Dream

Currently there is still a distance between education informatization and practice. What HuaYu is doing now is going to the front-line area to attempt the informatization servicing teaching, wisdom study, education “1 to 1”, and so on. Through these experimental approaches to realize the goals of current wisdom education servicing teaching and teacher, as well as improve the study effect. This is not only breaking the limitation in regions, but also crossing the barrier of space in the real sense. HuaYu hopes to get more practicing experiences through effective attempts, and to use these experiences in more cities countrywide. Helping more people change their lives by education is always the dream and the action of NetDragon HuaYu Education.

"Now ' Internet +' has risen to the height of the national strategy, Internet has abundant superior features. Take education as an example, it effectively promotes equity in education which allows students from different regions have the opportunity to receive better education with higher quality. In the future, HuaYu will copy this model to more cities and more countries to benefit all the teachers and students. "Simon Leung said, the vice president of NetDragon Websoft as well as CEO of HuaYu Education Technology.

Education Department official suggests that "If education informationization wants to take up the responsibility of education modernization, it should play its due role in promoting education equalization. We hope to put the balanced development of information technology services into use and achieved fruitful results soon, provide quality education resources to developed areas and undeveloped areas, promote the rapid development of basic education in underdeveloped areas, establish useful reference for the country's overall modernization . "