“Enterprise” Explores Educational Prospects, Robots Boost Future Voyage--Elernity Education Technology Ltd. Cooperates with Beijing Normal University to Create Educational Robot Research Team

2017-02-07 11:03:58



All seats were occupied in the meeting room on the 5th floor of Enterprise that very afternoon. Related leaders from Beijing Normal University and NetDragon and academic authorities sat together and strove in good faith. On the scene, related leaders from Beijing Normal University delivered important speeches to highly praise the meeting and express the confidence on the future development of two centers. Dong Qi, President of Beijing Normal University emphasized in his speech that the establishment of two centers meant a lot to the Chinese education, “We are glad to deeply cooperate with HuaYu. HuaYu is the only comprehensive education institution in China which has layouts of “Internet+Education”in various detailed fields. Beijing Normal University possesses abundant educational resources. The establishment of Educational Robot Engineering Center and Information Teaching Research Center symbolizes real progress on the goal of deepening educational strategic cooperation. The two centers will bring advantages into full play so that we can improve subjects’ cross connection, enhance the ability of serving educational practices and transform talent training modes to wholly enhance subjects’ strength. China’s smart education is promising.”



Qi, Dong, President of Beijing Normal University



Dean of Intelligent Learning Research Institute of Beijing Normal University



 Lei, Fan, Director of Educational Robot Engineering Center


The establishment of the two centers will integrate the research achievement on Education, Psychology and other related subjects conducted by Beijing Normal University, and the strong capability of NetDragon on technology R&D and project implementation. The integration will implement the “Internet+Education” and accelerate the R&D and deployment of related products. Under the cooperation, the educational robot will get the substantial development to act a part in real teaching practice and bring a different future to teachers, parents, students, and all of the educators. This meeting attracted a dozen of Fujian media, who surrounded and live interviewed the guests when they finished their speech.




At this meeting, DJ the founder of NetDragon Websoft Inc. made an inspiring speech, he was certain that NetDragon would inaugurate a new era for education which make wisdom assisting wisdom and thinking about future in a future perspective.
As he said, “Smart learning is the core part of NetDragon education strategy, the research on educational robot will make a breakthrough and enhance in concept of smart learning. I have faith in cooperation with Beijing Normal University, the future of Smart Learning Institute and two centers. We are looking forward to wide usage of the educational robot product of HuaYu in various educational occasions, so that we can push the revolution of learning and teaching, enhance students’ learning experience and improve the teaching results.”