NetDragon Taps Metaverse to Upend Global Vocational Learning

2024-05-27 14:07:08

The 7th Digital China Summit, held from May 24 to 25 at the Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center, featured a highlight event on May 24: the Digital Society Sub-Forum's Digital Education Session. The session was graced by prominent figures such as Wu Yan, Vice Minister of Education; Xia Bing, Deputy Director of the National Data Bureau; and Li Xinghu, a member of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Government. Taking center stage, Yu Biao, Senior Vice President of NetDragon and Chairman of Elernity (China), unveiled groundbreaking advancements in vocational education powered by metaverse technology.



The Digital Education Session of the Digital Society Sub-Forum takes place.



Wu Yan emphasized the transformative role of data in education, describing it as a pivotal new element. He highlighted the significant impact of big data on educational reform, a top priority for the central government. Wu noted that developing digital education was essential for building a digital China. In 2022, the Ministry of Education launched the National Education Digitalization Strategic Action and established the Smart Education of China public service platform—the world's largest online learning platform—which earned UNESCO's highest award in educational informatization, the King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize, last year.



Yu Biao revealed that with ongoing technological advancements, the metaverse had seamlessly integrated into daily life and work, revolutionizing the vocational skills sector. He introduced NetDragon's "Metaverse Vocational Skills Ecosystem", a comprehensive platform merging professional skills from diverse fields such as software development, 3D modeling, VR, AR, digital economy management, and UX design. This ecosystem offers an immersive vocational teaching experience, unrestricted by time or space, thereby boosting student engagement and enhancing the quality and efficiency of education.



Yu Biao, Senior Vice President of NetDragon and Chairman of Elernity (China), delivers a keynote speech titled "Practices and Explorations of a Data-Driven Metaverse Vocational Skills Ecosystem".



NetDragon has been at the forefront of metaverse technology, applying it successfully across various sectors including education, cultural tourism, and party building. Vocational education, a crucial segment of NetDragon's educational initiatives, has been continually invigorated by the company's digital innovations. To bring the "Metaverse Vocational Skills Ecosystem" to life, NetDragon, through its affiliated Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College (FSTVC), developed courses like digital aviation exhibition design and residential space design, effectively blending metaverse skills training with practical applications.



As the Belt and Road Initiative advances, the internationalization of vocational education has become an inevitable trend. NetDragon is actively supporting this initiative by leveraging its extensive digital education expertise to promote vocational education on a global scale. In collaboration with FSTVC and NetDragon Putian Education, the company has launched a comprehensive "Vocational Education Overseas Solution", encompassing teaching, research, practical training, competitions, and employment, to continuously advance the internationalization of vocational education.



NetDragon showcases the VR motorcycle racing project, one of the VR training lab equipment developed for its "Vocational Education Overseas Solution", at the interactive zone of the Summit.



The rapid internationalization of vocational education presents the critical task of cultivating globally competitive talent. "We observe challenges in talent cultivation models, cross-national cooperation, teaching quality assurance, and resource integration as we help enterprises develop such talent," Yu noted.



"Metaverse technology holds immense potential for international talent training in vocational education. It can simulate global business environments, offer abundant employment opportunities, and create virtual communication spaces for real-time interaction and learning among students from different countries, thereby fostering cross-cultural understanding and communication. Additionally, it provides teachers with broader development and learning opportunities, enhancing their international teaching capabilities," Yu added.



NetDragon has made significant strides in promoting vocational education development in Belt and Road Initiative countries through digital education technology, supporting Chinese enterprises' overseas ventures by providing skilled human resources. The company launched the EDA online learning platform, offering globally-oriented online courses and certification services rich in vocational education skills, achieving remarkable results in the field of vocational education abroad.



Furthermore, FSTVC has made notable progress in industry-education integration and vocational education internationalization. The college has established robust partnerships with several overseas universities, including Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thanyaburi Rajabhat University, Shinawatra University, Phranakhon Rajabhat University in Thailand, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and the Business and Hotel Management in Lucerne Switzerland. Through collaborative education programs, joint professional development, credit recognition, and teacher exchange training, Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College is advancing the international development of vocational education.